Why are Pharmacy Tech Schools so expensive, and you’re so cheap?

We’ve gotten this question about how inexpensive our course is, a few different ways:

“I’m looking for the quickest online PTCB program as possible and yours seems to fit the bill. However, it’s so significantly cheaper than others, does this course really fulfill the entire PTCB Program that is now required to become eligible to take the PTCE?”

“Is the course payment a one time payment or monthly? Just asking its too good to be true if just a one time payment. I searched a lot then went to the PTCB site to find approved schools. The ones that are not approved the highest cost is like 4,000. Just want to know if this cost is one time or monthly I will be ok with it cause you are listed as an approved online school. ”

“I see you’re PTCB Approved, but I’m a little skeptical because the course is so inexpensive. Are you legit

RxTechExam is legitimately the best way to prepare for the PTCB Exam, period.

We’re a Recognized PTCB Educator per the new 2020 requirement. We even offer a Money-Back Guarantee, if you pass our course and don’t pass the PTCB Exam. No other recognized educator (that we know of) does this.

So why are we so cheap?

1. We don’t have classrooms – we’re totally online and available for you to start studying right away, and at your convenience.

2. We don’t have any unnecessary accreditations – like DECA, ASHP, or other combinations of letters that aren’t relevant to the profession. We’re PTCB Accredited, that’s all that matters.

3. We don’t have a call centers and phone trees – but we do follow up by email quite quickly.

4. Above all, we’re not greedy. Don’t make the mistake of taking an expensive course when you don’t to. We’ll help you get a letter just like this one 🙂