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Everything you need to pass the latest PTCB Exam the first time. You will have access to all of our exclusive videos, quizzes, learning aids, practice questions and our on-demand support team. With our proven learning method developed by experienced pharmacy professionals, you will sail through memorizing top medications, simplify complicated calculations, and earn your CPhT completely online.

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This PTCB-Recognized Course is our best value and includes everything you need to pass the latest PTCB Exam the first time. You will have access to all of our exclusive videos, quizzes, learning aids, practice questions and our on-demand support team. With our proven learning method developed by experienced pharmacy professionals, you will sail through memorizing top medications, simplify complicated calculations, and earn your CPhT completely online. Upon passing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from RxTechExam, a requirement sit for the certification exam. 

This course includes video webinars, including the associated quizzes, worksheets, and reference for the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Pharmacy
  • DEA Scheduling and Dosage Forms
  • Medications
  • Interpreting Prescriptions
  • Pharmacological Calculations
  • Pharmacy Law
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Institutional Pharmacy
  • 500+ Practice Exam Questions
  • Top 100 Medications Electronic Flash Cards
  • Medical Abbreviations Electronic Flash Cards
  • Mathematical Conversion Factors Electronic Flash Cards

The content is straight-forward, interactive and centered around what you will be tested on during PTCB exam at a fraction of the cost of other programs. You’ll be given 5 months from the date of purchase to complete the course, but most of our students finish the course in 4-6 weeks.

When you pass the Final Exam, and achieve a cumulative score of at least 90%, you are able to claim your completion badge from Credly. You can share this digital badge with the PTCB and future employers for verification, as well as social media to celebrate your accomplishment.

We guarantee that you will be successful on the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam after studying with this course – or we will refund your course cost.

What Exactly Will I Learn?

Medication information (40% of the 2024 PTCB Exam)

  • Generic names, brand names, and classifications of medications
  • Therapeutic equivalence
  • Common and life-threatening drug interactions and contraindications (e.g., drug-disease, drug-drug, drug-dietary supplement, drug-laboratory, drug-nutrient)
  • Strengths/dose, dosage forms, routes of administration, special handling and administration instructions, and duration of drug therapy
  • Common and severe medication side effects, adverse effects, and allergies Indications of medications and dietary supplements
  • Drug stability (e.g., oral suspensions, insulin, reconstitutables, injectables, vaccinations)
  • Narrow therapeutic index (NTI) medications
  • Physical and chemical incompatibilities related to non-sterile compounding and reconstitution Proper storage of medications (e.g., temperature ranges, light sensitivity, restricted access)

Federal Laws (12.5% of the 2024 PTCB Exam)

  • Federal requirements for handling and disposal of non-hazardous, hazardous, and pharmaceutical substances and waste
  • Federal requirements for controlled substance prescriptions (i.e., new, refill, transfer) and DEA controlled substance schedules
  • Federal requirements (e.g., DEA, FDA) for controlled substances (i.e., receiving, storing, ordering, labeling, dispensing, reverse distribution, take-back programs, and loss or theft of)
  • Federal requirements for restricted drug programs and related medication processing (e.g. pseudoephedrine, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies [REMS])
  • FDA recall requirements (e.g., medications, devices, supplies, supplements, classifications)

Patient Safety and Quality (26.25% of the 2024 PTCB Exam)

  • High-alert/risk medications and look-alike/sound-alike [LASA] medications
  • Error prevention strategies (e.g., prescription or medication order to correct patient, Tall Man lettering, separating inventory, leading and trailing zeros, bar code usage, limit use of error-prone abbreviations)
  • Issues that require pharmacist intervention (e.g., drug utilization review [DUR], adverse drug event [ADE], OTC recommendation, therapeutic substitution, misuse, adherence, post-immunization follow-up, allergies, drug interactions)
  • Event reporting procedures (e.g., medication errors, adverse effects, and product integrity, MedWatch, near miss, root-cause analysis [RCA])
  • Types of prescription errors (e.g., abnormal doses, early refill, incorrect quantity, incorrect patient, incorrect drug)
  • Hygiene and cleaning standards (e.g., handwashing, personal protective equipment [PPE], cleaning counting trays, countertop, and equipment)

Prescription Processing (21.25% of the 2024 PTCB Exam)

  • Procedures to compound non-sterile products (e.g., ointments, mixtures, liquids, emulsions, suppositories, enemas)
  • Formulas, calculations, ratios, proportions, alligations, conversions, Sig codes (e.g., b.i.d., t.i.d. Roman numerals), abbreviations, medical terminology, and symbols for days supply, quantity dose, concentration, dilutions
  • Equipment/supplies required for drug administration (e.g., package size, unit dose, diabetic supplies, spacers, oral and injectable syringes)
  • Lot numbers, expiration dates, and National Drug Code (NDC) numbers
  • Procedures for identifying and returning dispensable, non-dispensable, and expired medications and supplies (e.g., credit return, return to stock, reverse distribution)

74 reviews for 100CPhT

  1. Buhlebenkosi Maposa (verified student)

    This is my first time using rxtechexam and the information was incredibly useful. I feel very prepared for taking my exam and I would recommend this course to anyone.

  2. Stacy Shoemaker (verified student)

    Great class for meeting pharmacy technician test requirements.

  3. Sidney Archer (verified student)

    After taking this course, I can 100% say that it’s worth it! Although I paced myself to ensure I was prepared for the PTCB course, the course was concise and informative. This course was awesome and I will definitely recommend!

  4. Zantrell Grant (verified student)

    This course was very informative, I was able to print everything I needed, very easy to use. Love that it’s self pace. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in pharmacy tech.

  5. Alfred Busk (verified student)

    I like the way its all broken down. the whole idea of being a pharmacy tech seemed overwhelming but this course makes it simple. shows you your mistakes and how to fix them and gives you plenty of information to prepare yourself.

  6. Julian Lopez-Cortez (verified student)

    This course is great. There is plenty of great information and the sections are very thoroughly done. I feel very prepared for the exam I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to become a Pharmacy Technician.

  7. Konnor (verified student)

    Great course! Learned everything I need to know and the modules are nicely laid out!

  8. Abeer Qandil (verified student)

    Very helpful, comprehensive, clear, question bank covered the whole material

  9. Mahsa keihanshokooh

    Highly recommended. High quality content along with perfect support from the instructor turns the course into one of a kind.

  10. Catherine Montalvo (verified student)

    I purchased this course to attain my CPhT license for the second time around as it’s been several years since my license expired and let me tell you, I have found that this course was so much more understandable than when I took the class at a community college so many years ago. The instructor breaks things down to a level that is easy to remember- especially the pharmacy calculations! I’ve enjoyed taking this course and I feel so much more confident to be able to sit for the PTCE exam. Well done!

  11. Tanya Smith (verified student)

    This course gave me all the information I need to pass my national PTCE test. I feel very confident about taking my exam. Would recommend!

  12. Victoria Brown (verified student)

    My first time using this course would recommend, I feel very confident in my ability to pass.

  13. Robert (verified student)

    I highly recommend this course! At first I was worried about a strictly online class, but the modules make everything very easy to digest piece by piece. All the information is relevant and helpful, especially the YouTube videos that help to memorize and classify the Top 200 medications. The price was right and I had the perfect amount of time to complete the course. Thank you!

  14. Qihan Li (verified student)

    The material is very useful and would recommend to anyone who is trying to pass the exam.

  15. David Davidow (verified student)

    Found the coarse was quite informative, and easy to follow. Some question were thought provoking which is a good thing!

  16. Hetal Patel (verified student)

    Thank You for offering this training program. it was very helpful for PTCB exam. I would definitely recommend this course.

  17. Hannah Lucio (verified student)

    Excellent! I really like the practice quiz; I recommend taking them a few times. Thank you for the information. I highly recommend this course.

  18. Sairam Chandrasekaran

    This Course had helped me to pass PTCB Examination. The Online study material was useful based on each chapter was broken down precisely, followed by quiz and final exam.

  19. Jim Sweeney (verified student)

    This course was amazing in its content and presentation. It offered a down to earth approach to the various aspects of a pharmacy and its operations. This course prepares you not only for the Board Test but also, gives one a degree of confidence on the possible day to day situations in both community and institutional pharmacy. The course is reasonably priced and is totally professional. I would highly recommend this course for all individuals, interested in being a Pharmacy Technician.

  20. Gabriella Quesenberry (verified student)

    I was very happy with this course. When it comes to learning new things, I like to be able to take my time. This allowed me to do just that as it was self paced. I was extra helpful that it provided pre-made flashcards for the sections such as the 200 medications because to be honest I was dreading having to make a quilt on those. :)))

  21. Carlos Angeles Solis (verified student)

    I would recommend it, but you still need to put in the work to pass the exam!

  22. Makayla Mabey (verified student)

    Would 100% recommend!

  23. Jeffrey (verified student)

    This course is super complete and gives you all the information you need, everything is concise and compact, in some parts I felt like the went beyond what I expected.
    Now, I’ll schedule my PTCE , wish me luck

  24. Mrudalini Moturu (verified student)

    Easiest course with lots of information to read and prepare

  25. SS23 (verified student)

    Very Helpful.

  26. Leanne Gonzalez (verified student)

    This course really does prepare you rigorously for the PCTB. In school, I really struggled with the application of sig codes and the rote memorization of medication, but this course not only helped me understand both, but also gave extra worksheets and links to flashcards. I still struggle sometimes with memorization but I feel much more equipped to deal with that issue now that I have the provided resources. Overall a really informative course.

  27. Abigail Sloan (verified student)

    It was a great course! The lectures are great, and easy to understand. I loved all of the assignments that were provided as well as ways to study everything! Made it super simple! Next stop is to take the test and get certified!

  28. Shin (verified student)

    It was a great course for the pharmacy tech exam. It was very helpful. I hopefully pass my exam soon.

  29. Carol (verified student)

    I truly enjoyed this course presented by rxtechexam and learned a lot from the lessons. The lessons were presented in easy to understand terms and with step by step instructions on how to do pharmacy math and calculations. The top 200 drugs flashcards along with the practice exams were very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in working towards the PTCB exam.

  30. Jordan G. (verified student)

    Taking this course was definitely worth the financial investment. I really feel like I learned so much taking this course and by the end of it I felt very proud and accomplished. The material was made easy to understand and you are given each and every resource you could ever need to excel in this course and in preparation for the PTCE. I left the course feeling more confident in my knowledge so I can take the next step to my goal of being a nationally certified tech!

  31. Brooke Bennett

    I decided to use the rxtech exam 100 course in order to prepare myself the the PTCB. At first I did think it was a little suspicious how low the price is but was such a GREAT DEAL. I definitely would recommend it due to the pricing and self pacing of it. There were a lot of guides, worksheets, extra material, and websites to help you fully understand it.

  32. Ben W

    Very affordable. informative, and insightful course. The self-study worked perfectly into my hectic schedule. I supplemented with the an additional study book, but this proved to be the perfect material to prepare me to pass the PTCE

  33. Selene Martinez (verified student)

    Happy I made the purchase, often times retail pharmacies and speciality pharmacies will have ‘their way’ of doing things. But with a program shows you standardized ways and helps pass the test.

  34. Ruby Meixsell (verified student)

    I have been a certified pharmacy technician for a year and a half now and thanks to rxtechexam. This course helped me prepare when I took the test and I passed with one take. When I had a question about the course, referral, or anything, Mr. Preston Davis was so quick to respond, in my experience, he gets back to me through e-mail in less than 24 hours. Because of how pleased I am with this program I shared the good news with my friends and co-workers who aren’t certified yet and looking to get certified. They have this referral program where you’ll get $50 back when you refer a friend and in turn, your friend will get $50 off as well, it’s a win-win. So far, I referred 3 people, and I got $150 back, through a refund of the original purchase I used during enrollment, which is so cool.

    This is the link to the referral program in case any of you are interested. It helped me, I’m close to having this course for free now. If you can have the course for free by referring 5/6 of your friends, why not!


  35. Amy Asp (verified student)

    I took the exam after completing this course and passed!! The website was easy to use, and I was able to go through the courses at my own pace. I would recommend this to anyone!

  36. Ann Pautler (verified student)

    I took the PTCE yesterday and passed!! I highly recommend I purchased the course in October 2022 and got right to work. My goal was to be certified within 2 months of enrolling in the class. I met my goal and could not be happier. The course is affordable and the presenters in each of the videos are wonderful. The quizzes and the final exam were excellent. Thank you to the rxtechexam staff.

  37. Krupa Ann Sunil (verified student)

    Recently I took PTCB course from rxtechexam. It was useful and I passed the exam. Those who find the subject difficult, I recommend to take this course. This will help you to understand better. And prepare well for the exam. It is not that easy.

  38. Probir (verified student)

    RxTechExam is definitely a great foundation for your PTCE. The course is designed to guide you towards learning more about the segments required for PTCB certification test. In addition to this course I would recommend to be prepared for some applied questions which you may have to answer based on your overall knowledge you would be gaining from this training. Thanks a lot Preston and your partners who were behind this excellent training program! Good luck future CPhTs!

  39. Jolene Donnelly (verified student)

    Being a travel pharmacy technician allowed me many of opportunities to explore the country, meet new people, network, and best of all, constantly learn new things. I’ve had the pleasure to learn how to compound chemotherapy, sterile IV preparations, and lead a team of over 150 technicians towards better patient care.

    It all started here and in retail. I took this course just prior to the pandemic in January, took about 2-3 weeks to work through the course and passed my PTCE with an almost perfect score. It allowed me to have a higher wage right off the bat, with no prior pharmacy experience, just for having the certification!

    I went the retail route at first and quickly worked up to a lead technician where I became a leader both in the pharmacy and the community in administering and rolling out at first COVID tests and then COVID vaccines.

    RxTechExam’s program is self-paced and extremely well put together. I recommended it to everyone I was responsible for when they started talking about taking the next step.

    This program is awesome, affordable and lead technician/trainer approved!

  40. Danyal Ismail (verified student)

    I am a business major student and I had no idea what Pharmacy technician is and all the medical related knowledge. But with the help of this course I passed the exam.
    The course is designed for everybody regardless of the fact that if the person has prior medical knowledge or not.
    I loved the course. It’s worth it. The price is reasonable. Worth the price.

    I highly recommend this course to all those who are looking to pass PTCB exam without breaking the bank.

  41. Emily Jarzembski (verified student)

    This course is a great value for the money. You learn a lot in a really easy to digest format. I passed my test first try.

  42. Monica E (verified student)

    This program is everything! I took the PTCE on 6/16 and passed. Just received my official score report and badge today! I was able to complete the program in 9 weeks. The only thing I would recommend is more content related to the Top 200 meds. Overall, I definitely recommend this program! Thanks, Preston!

  43. venkatarao (verified student)

    I am happy to inform you that with your coaching , tests you have conducted during the process and material you gave me , I have successfully passed the CPhT exam in my first attempt and became a Certified Pharmacy Technician.

  44. Vincent (verified student)

    Great class took my PTCE exam and got a preliminary pass! Very helpful especially with the math portion!

  45. Sydney (verified student)

    I used Rx Tech Exam to prepare for my pharmacy exam. Each section in the course was clear, concise, and provided me with all the information I would need to know enter the field as a pharmacy technician. I passed my exam on the first try after completing this course!
    I would completely recommend this course if you are interesting in becoming a pharmacy technician or preparing to take the exam.

  46. Niu (verified student)

    I got MY PTCB certification only because of this course; it is well-paced and well facilitated. I highly recommended for those who want to be certified with PTCB, Just go through all module carefully and study all details. You are going to make it if you study well.

  47. Christina Le

    This program is easily accessible, full of resources, and self-paced. This program allowed me to obtain my certification within months.

  48. Daisy (verified student)

    This course is affordable, easy to navigate and very useful. I was able to complete this course in 3 weeks and and took my board exam immediately and passed with a very good score. I did a lot of research finding pharmacy tech training programs and I’m so glad I found this Course. I learned a whole lot from this course and was actually shocked at how well I did in the PTCE.

  49. Sowmya Padala

    An online program which is budget friendly. I got couple of books from my local library which I never touched after signing up for RxTechExam. This is perfect. The material provided was really helpful. Practice tests helped me a lot. Thanks to the instructor and the team. By the end of my course I was confident and I passed my exam. I would surely recommend this course.

  50. Amanda (verified student)

    Thank you Rxtechexam! I passed the PtCB with a 1600 score. This is a great online course to go at your own pace! The lessons are straight forward and simplified! I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to further their future as a certified pharmacy technician! Thanks again!!

  51. Sandra Dean (verified student)

    I would like to thank rxtechexam for an awesome course, I would not have passed without it, everything I studied was useful and so easy to learn. I have been recommending you to everyone who asks and actually a co worker has already signed up.

  52. seema gupta (verified student)

    i would like to say thank you rxtechexam for your amazing course .I got my certification, I passed my exam.
    I love the online format because I can review sections multiple times if I need to or replay videos. .This course gave me the foundation to pass the exam. i highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to become certified!

  53. Helen

    I’d like to say thank you rxtechexam for your an amazing course that you offered. I got my certification, I passed with 1600 score. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a pharmacy technician.

  54. Laura (verified student)

    After completing RxTechExam in September, I’m scheduled to take the PTCE in November. I’ve long been interested in switching careers to become a pharmacy technician, but it was impossible to find in-person programs that would fit into my work and family schedules (even before the pandemic). RxTechExam was perfect! It’s well organized, and provides really helpful context for all of material we need to memorize, such as math formulas, medical terminology, sig codes, and brand/generic drug names. I loved learning the material, and really look forward to working as a pharmacy technician. Thank you! I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a pharmacy technician.

  55. Christian Pinckard, CPhT

    I used RxTechExam along with the PTCE Pocket Prep app on iOS to help me study and better prepare for my exam. I truly believe the well structured segments and accurate information helped me pass my exam with a great score! I highly recommend their services to any aspiring tech.

  56. Taylor Amborn

    I am in my first semester of pharmacy school and so far this course has helped me tremendously. Out of the 6 classes I am currently taking this course has helped me in every one of them. Specifically, in lab we’re going over the top 200 medications. The math course on here has covered every topic so far in my pharmaceutical calculations course. In addition, the sigs are used throughout all the classes. I would definitely be behind if it wasn’t for taking this course. I would recommend all prepharmacy students to take this course before starting pharmacy school even if you don’t plan on taking the PTCE

  57. Ruthann Brown

    I was hired 5 months before my trainee license expired. Knowing I wouldn’t have enough time to complete 500 working hours, I decided to go with an online course as COVID was ruining lives. RxTechExam was a very detailed, reliable course and is helping me in nursing school as well. With only 5 months to learn everything for the PTCE, I was stressed between work and school. In the end, I passed my exam and it wouldn’t have been possible without this training course!

  58. Jolli Lindsey (verified student)

    Very informative. The math/calculation section was well taught and easy to understand. Really appreciated the quizzes and references to Quiz-let. Passed my exam. Also used the PTCB QOD and the PTCE exam app. Was well prepared.

  59. Jenny99 (verified student)

    RxTechExam is the best choice when looking for a certified program to take the PTCE! The modules are simplified, yet comprehensive enough so that you can get all the information in a form that is both palatable and understandable. I took my time with the program over the course of two months and passed the PTCE easy! I highly recommend this course to any future pharmacy technicians!

  60. Caitlyn Alforque (verified student)

    This course is amazing. I have already recommended it to my pre-pharmacy peers. Being able to work at my own pace has saved me a lot of time and allowed me to focus on the more challenging content. The practice questions and the detailed lectures have truly helped me understand the job of a CPhT and more about the field of pharmacy

  61. betsyj31 (verified student)

    I have enjoyed studying with I took PTCB exam two weeks ago and I passed the test. This course is very detailed and covered all the topics that needed to prepare for the exam. The instructor Mr. Preston Davis is very helpful and explained all my questions right away. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is planning to become certified.

  62. Kausalya (verified student)

    A great pathway to success . Each and every chapter In the tutorial Is explained with utmost simplicity and can be followed easily. I wouldn’t have passed without this and thanks to our Mentor .. Mr. Preston Davis who was always there to guide us when needed .

  63. kim (verified student)

    Passed PTCB Exam and I am a certified Pharmacy Technician now.
    I’ve enjoyed studying with for 2 and half months.
    The materials are very practicable and you can see how much you can earn through them. Great source of self-study!
    Price is so reasonable.
    I am very proud of choosing the and becoming Pharmacy Technician!

  64. Keplinger (verified student)

    I just started this program. I am a retired educator who is looking to start a new career. As a former teacher, I am very impressed with the organization and ease of use of this program. I look forward to getting online and learning about this profession. So glad I choose this educational program.

  65. Jenise (verified student)

    Sign up for this course, you will not be disappointed. I searched for a PTCB approved program , due to the new rules for 2020. This would be my second Pharmacy Technician program because the first program took months ago wasn’t PTCB approved and I honestly did not learn anything. Rxtechexam program is so informative and you will not find a better value. You will not regret it. Just make sure you take notes and study. Mr. Davis is quick to respond back with your questions or concerns.

  66. Lisa Russell (verified student)

    I finished taking this course at the end of May, I took my PTCB Exam this morning and I have passed! I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to become certified!

    • Preston Davis CPhT

      Thank you!

  67. Keaosha

    Thank you for offering an affordable training program through. This was very helpful, Thank you.

  68. Shelicb (verified student)

    I JUST took the PTCE minutes ago and passed. Rxtech is VERY helpful. I recommend not rushing on the Top 200 drugs because they are very important.

  69. hanaa

    the course was so detailed and covered all the material needed to prepare for the exam. the instructor was very helpful and replies promptly to address all your questions. i am very pleased to have such quality education available with the convenience of distant learning.

    • Preston Davis CPhT

      Thank you!

  70. ChonaP28 (verified student)

    I think the course was great and simplified the instructor is also helpful and answers my questions right away .This course gave me the foundation to pass the exam. Keep it up and God Bless.

  71. Samael O’Brien

    When I was shopping around for a program I was looking for one that could meet my time commitments and learning standards. RxTechExam was by far the best solution. From practice exams to study sheets, the course not only covered everythinf- it also explained the importance! I truly think without this course I wouldn’t have been able to pass!

    • Preston Davis CPhT

      Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience!

  72. Glen

    I think that the content of this course will prepare you well for the PTCE without a lot of fluff.
    The course is very affordable, yet still comprehensive.

    One of the most helpful sections for me was Interpreting Prescriptions, where the instructor helps you put the pieces together, as @Amy86 mentioned in her review. Also, I know memorizing the Top 200 Drugs is a thing, but understanding the basic pharmacology behind six or so drug classes makes recognizing all of those individual drugs much easier.

    I love the online format because I can review sections multiple times if I need to or replay videos.
    Site navigation and tracking your progress through the course is easy.

    Another great thing is that the instructor is responsive, which really helps if you’re stuck on something.

  73. Amy86 (verified student)

    Prepare you in 4-6weeks is not a joke. I started last week and I almost made it half way through.

    The instructor gives prompt responses to all my emails in my case like in half an hour(?) even at bed time which I was very impressed.

    150 bucks is very affordable especially with the change to this year which you need a course cert just to sit for the exam. I appreciate saving my money and time. Honestly that’s all it matters.

    The lecture also prepares you practical stuffs and not just for the exam. For example, instead of giving just a sig codes (in most of the exam books) he teaches you how to actually put peices together. That was really helpful.

    One star less is just because the PowerPoint(lecture) slides are not made printable. It took a long time for me to take notes down. And combining 200 drugs with anatomy chapter for the graded quiz was overwhelming although it made lot of sense.
    Overall this course is great so far!

  74. Perla Chavez (verified student)

    This is my first time using rxtechexam. The material given is all useful information that will help me with passing my exam. They break down the courses into subjects, followed by a quiz. The site is easy to navigate as well. I would definitely recommend this course.

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