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Introduction to Pharmacy

Dosage Forms & DEA Scheduling

Interpreting Prescriptions

Pharmacy Law

Community Pharmacy

Institutional Pharmacy

Anatomy & Physiology

Pharmacological Calculations

500+ Practice Exam Questions

E-Flash Cards: Top 100 Meds

E-Flash Cards: Conversions

E-Flash Cards: Abbreviation

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Our platinum course contains all of the relevant material you will need to pass the PTCB Exam on your first attempt. Our PTCB Accredited Course is broken up into 9 chapters, with hundreds of PTCB Practice Questions. You’ll memorize the Top Medications in a snap with our proven techniques. Calculations will be a breeze once you see how most of them can be reduced to just one equation! Should you have any questions while taking our course, our instructors are at your beckon call!

While our exceptional pass rate speaks for itself, just look at how well we perform compared to everyone else:

This course includes EVERYTHING RxTechExam has to offer! Video webinars, including the associated quizzes, worksheets, and reference for the following chapters:

  • Introduction to Pharmacy
  • DEA Scheduling and Dosage Forms
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Interpreting Prescriptions
  • Pharmacological Calculations
  • Pharmacy Law
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Institutional Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Benefits Management
  • 500+ Practice Exam Questions
  • Top 100 Medications Electronic Flash Cards
  • Medical Abbreviations Electronic Flash Cards
  • Mathematical Conversion Factors Electronic Flash Cards

By passing this course with a score of 90% or above, you will receive Certificate of Completion from RxTechExam which NOW REQUIRED BY THE PTCB TO SIT FOR THEIR EXAM..

We guarantee that you will be successful on the PTCB Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam after studying with the Platinum Course offered by – or we will refund back your course cost per our guarantee to you.

Our online and self-paced courses will prepare you to pass the PTCB Exam and become a certified pharmacy tech. We have an 85% PTCB pass rate with thousands of enrollees over the last 7 years. The course material is interactive and fun, unlike a textbook. The content is focused around what you will be tested on when you take the PTCB exam, and without a lot of fluff that you would get if you went to a local school. You’ll be given 90 days from the date of purchase to complete the course, it takes most of our students between 4-6 weeks to prepare for the PTCB Exam.


What Exactly Will I Learn?

Medication information (40% of the 2020 PTCB Exam)

  • Generic names, brand names, and classifications of medications
  • Therapeutic equivalence
  • Common and life-threatening drug interactions and contraindications (e.g., drug-disease, drug-drug, drug-dietary supplement, drug-laboratory, drug-nutrient)
  • Strengths/dose, dosage forms, routes of administration, special handling and administration instructions, and duration of drug therapy
  • Common and severe medication side effects, adverse effects, and allergies
    Indications of medications and dietary supplements
  • Drug stability (e.g., oral suspensions, insulin, reconstitutables, injectables, vaccinations)
  • Narrow therapeutic index (NTI) medications
  • Physical and chemical incompatibilities related to non-sterile compounding and reconstitution
    Proper storage of medications (e.g., temperature ranges, light sensitivity, restricted access)

Federal Laws (12.5% of the 2020 PTCB Exam)

  • Federal requirements for handling and disposal of non-hazardous, hazardous, and pharmaceutical substances and waste
  • Federal requirements for controlled substance prescriptions (i.e., new, refill, transfer) and DEA controlled substance schedules
  • Federal requirements (e.g., DEA, FDA) for controlled substances (i.e., receiving, storing, ordering, labeling, dispensing, reverse distribution, take-back programs, and loss or theft of)
  • Federal requirements for restricted drug programs and related medication processing (e.g. pseudoephedrine, Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies [REMS])
  • FDA recall requirements (e.g., medications, devices, supplies, supplements, classifications)

Patient Safety and Quality (26.25% of the 2020 PTCB Exam)

  • High-alert/risk medications and look-alike/sound-alike [LASA] medications
  • Error prevention strategies (e.g., prescription or medication order to correct patient, Tall Man lettering, separating inventory, leading and trailing zeros, bar code usage, limit use of error-prone abbreviations)
  • Issues that require pharmacist intervention (e.g., drug utilization review [DUR], adverse drug event [ADE], OTC recommendation, therapeutic substitution, misuse, adherence, post-immunization follow-up, allergies, drug interactions)
  • Event reporting procedures (e.g., medication errors, adverse effects, and product integrity, MedWatch, near miss, root-cause analysis [RCA])
  • Types of prescription errors (e.g., abnormal doses, early refill, incorrect quantity, incorrect patient, incorrect drug)
  • Hygiene and cleaning standards (e.g., handwashing, personal protective equipment [PPE], cleaning counting trays, countertop, and equipment)

Prescription Processing (21.25% of the 2020 PTCB Exam)

  • Procedures to compound non-sterile products (e.g., ointments, mixtures, liquids, emulsions, suppositories, enemas)
  • Formulas, calculations, ratios, proportions, alligations, conversions, Sig codes (e.g., b.i.d., t.i.d. Roman numerals), abbreviations, medical terminology, and symbols for days supply, quantity dose, concentration, dilutions
  • Equipment/supplies required for drug administration (e.g., package size, unit dose, diabetic supplies, spacers, oral and injectable syringes)
  • Lot numbers, expiration dates, and National Drug Code (NDC) numbers
  • Procedures for identifying and returning dispensable, non-dispensable, and expired medications and supplies (e.g., credit return, return to stock, reverse distribution)

7 reviews for Platinum Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Passed the Ptcb exam

    I was skeptical at 1st, but it only took a month for me to learn using the course and become a certified pharm tech. I highly recommend.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Forever grateful

    I have enjoyed everything that was brought my way. I have learned alot with the modules. I have so many words to say but I don’t know where to start. I can write you a book. The only thing is THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST OPPORTUNITY for me to start. Thank You from the bottom of my HEART

  3. Rated 5 out of 5


    I passed the certification exam! Your support has been fabulous!

  4. Rated 5 out of 5


    Hello, I am considering the PTCB exam. Please tell me what is PhTR and how it differs from PTCB? Thanks so much!

    • admin

      PTCB – Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
      That accrediting body offers National Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT) to those that pass their exam.

      PhTR is a registered Pharmacy Technician in Texas. That person has been approved by the Texas board of pharmacy to practice as a Pharmacy Technician in that state.


  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    Course was great! Passed the PTCB Exam just in time for Christmas. Minus 1 star because they wouldn’t apply my coupon code after purchase.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    Perla Chavez (verified owner)

    This is my first time using rxtechexam. The material given is all useful information that will help me with passing my exam. They break down the courses into subjects, followed by a quiz. The site is easy to navigate as well. I would definitely recommend this course.

  7. Rated 4 out of 5

    Amy86 (verified owner)

    Prepare you in 4-6weeks is not a joke. I started last week and I almost made it half way through.

    The instructor gives prompt responses to all my emails in my case like in half an hour(?) even at bed time which I was very impressed.

    150 bucks is very affordable especially with the change to this year which you need a course cert just to sit for the exam. I appreciate saving my money and time. Honestly that’s all it matters.

    The lecture also prepares you practical stuffs and not just for the exam. For example, instead of giving just a sig codes (in most of the exam books) he teaches you how to actually put peices together. That was really helpful.

    One star less is just because the PowerPoint(lecture) slides are not made printable. It took a long time for me to take notes down. And combining 200 drugs with anatomy chapter for the graded quiz was overwhelming although it made lot of sense.
    Overall this course is great so far!

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